Description: We are all floating in the balance between life and death, meaning and form, desires and realities. We are humans with stories, now floating most in virtual reality. “Let’s swing a bit” is a tragic yet simple narrative about people who fall from grace. Each person who falls contributes to the other’s ruin and absurdity. It is about those who wash their hands of the world, get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life and remain suspended and afloat forever. This play was written by Mohammad Charmshir, designed by Arvand Dashtaray, with swings that hang from the ceiling at different stages of the show placed at different levels in space. It was an experiment in drama that Charmshir wrote based on Arvand’s concept and set design using swings that move together in space. The characters were created from Iran’s bold subculture and minority population- those stuck in dilemma situations talking to each other from up there.

Highlight: This project was a truly multidisciplinary feat, with the design and building of a new theatre: Hafez Hall. The theatre was designed to house the ambitious set design of “Let’s swing a bit”. It was built as a lightweight portable theatre with the intention to tour this and future performances throughout Iran, where theatre remains less accesible than Tehran. Hafez Hall was the first new theatre built after the revolution. Since it’s building it has unfortunately been attached to the ground in Tehran but it has become one of the most active and prominent theatres of the city. It opened the door for many new independent venues to be opened in the years to come. 

This show won the best stage design award at the 29th Fajr Festival.

Playwright: Mohammad Charmshir

Designer and director: Arvand Dashtaray

Dramaturg: Farhad Mohandespour

Producer: Arman Jafari

Cast: Khosro Ahmadi, Bijan Afshar, Hanie Tavasoli, Roya Teymorian, Sina Razani, Amirhossein Rostami, Dariush Faezi, Habib Rezaei, Kambiz Dirbaz, Tanaz Tabatabai, Javad Namaki.

First assistant director and planner: Leila Modonpour

Second assistant director:Hamid Khorram Tosi

Composer and sound effects designer: Kristof Rezaei

Singer: Reza Yazdani

Lighting designer: Reza Khazarai

Graphic designer: Farhad Fozouni

Photographer: Reza Mousavi

Technology manager and stage designer consultant: Amirhossein Davani


Production @VirguleFPAC|Teheran|Hafez Hall|Rodaki Complex|2012

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