Description: The show starts with a director’s introduction. Arvand Dashtaray talks about his experiences of traveling outside of Iran. He states that in every country he’s visited, people have had wrong images and beliefs about Iran, and as a result of this, he started intercultural performance studies in 2013. This is the second part of the “Reconsider Your Image of Me” project and focuses on intercultural couples who have to deal with cultural preconceptions and differences on a daily basis. The director explains this is in fact not a performance, but an audition. For his upcoming research project in Germany he needed audience participation and feedback. This is why he is inviting the audience to choose one of three true stories to be the subject of his upcoming production. He introduces 3 intercultural performer couples to come on to the stage. The audience will be invited to choose one of the three couples. The audience can ask them questions to inform their vote. What ensues is a meta-theatrical exploration of intercultural preconceptions. The audience’s questions become the subject and content of the debate. At first the performers answer openly and with enthusiasm. As the time goes on the piece becomes more heated, painful spots hit by the director or the audience begin to agitate and their answers no longer feel so natural. The piece reaches a dramatic climax and in a display of pure theatricality, the company reveals that everything witnessed was a rehearsed and scripted performance. The audience is invited to reconsider their image of how they consume information and on what basis they form judgements.

Cast & Crew for Netherlands show: 

Concept and Director: Arvand Dashtaray 

Stories and words: Naghmeh Samini

Dramaturg: Cecile Brommer (Netherlands)

Lighting Designer: Vasilis Apostolatos (Greece)

Cast: Saber Abar, Marene van Holk, Michael Belous (Netherlands), Mohammad Hassan Majouni, Diba Khatami, Natasha Stork (Hungary), Arvand Dashtaray

Creative Producer: Marene Van Holk

Assistant director: Amin Yazdani Nejad

Technical manager: Mehtab Alizadeh

Producer: Elske van Holk from STET The English Theatre


Production @VirguleFPAC+ESTET| Drang Theater|Den Haag|March|2016


Cast & Crew for Iran show : 

Concept and director: Arvand Dashtaray

Stories and words: Naghmeh Samini

Dramaturg: Cecile Brommer

Creative Producer: Marene van Holk

Producer in the Netherlands: Elske van Holk

Performers: Arvand Dashtaray, Marene van Holk, Stuart Denison, Azadeh Mirzaei, Malte Schultz, Arousha Beigi, Michael Bloos, Diba Khatami, Eleonora Herder

First assistant director and scheduler: Amin Yazdani Nejad

Second assistant director: Romina Davachi

Stage Manager: Keyvan Jodei

Graphic design: Tehran studio

Artistic director: Farhad Fozouni

Graphic design team: Farhad Fazoni, Mehdi Ghasemi, Samane Nikfard

Motion graphics: Saman Arshadhi

Technical manager: Mahtab Alizadeh

Photographer: Kiarash Mosayebi

Media consultant: Asal Abbasian

Public relations: Maryam Rezazadeh

Virtual advertising: theater market

Lighting: Mostafa Jalmabadani

Sound engineer: Farshad Mohammadi

Head of Chaharso Hall: Hossein Karim Khan Zand

Cultural guide: Mohammad Samai


Production @VirguleFPAC|Teheran|Charsoo Theater|City Theater Complex|September|2016

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