Description: This show is an intercultural research project studying the contemporary tension between the concept of self and the other. It was a collaboration between performers from 7 different cultures(France, Italy, Afghanistan, America, Iran, Portugal and South Korea). IHow can we communicate with each other ignoring the language limitations? When we wanted to plan this project in Iran those days it sounded totally Impossible to have an AMerican actress on stage in Tehran or there was no platform where you could get visa and get permissions, So we had to build the platform and also make infra structures for collaboration with other countries. It was such hard work to convince related managers and officers to be able to bring so many different people to stay there for more than a month and rehearse. Sometimes the challenge of making things happen was much more amusing and a struggle rather than making the show itself. But you felt you’re doing something important and that was all theater was and is for us. This was also a fundamental practice for the content of the show itself because the show was all about how we can realize the other. How theater can bring us back together and make a conversation. After almost a month of hardwork and bringing the performers and setting them up. We just could do one show in the 26th Fadjr International festival, then we got censored and we were forbidden to do our choreography for the other 2 shows.But we all are glad that our voices were heard and our emotions were seen by the audience. It was a little accomplishment for us, representing hope for Iranian theater in extreme conditions. I also learned how to adapt my style of work, as well as learning better planning in crisis situations like this. The training and practice from this experience has been invaluable.

Playwright: Tala Motazedi

Designer and Director: Arvand Dashtaray, Sara Reyhani

Cast: Domenico Gastino, Goli Akbari, Min Young Lee, Monica Gillet, Sara Reyhani, Valentina Desideri

Stage Designer: Arvand Dashtaray

Costume Designer: Sara Reyhani

Assistant Directors: Leila Modonpour, Dariush Faizi, Arezoo Aali, 

2016, Qashqai Hall of Shahr Theater


Production @VirguleFPAC|Teheran|Ghashghaei Theater|City Theater Complex|2008|26th Fajr International Theater Festival

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