ati saz


Director: Arvand Dashtaray

Producer: Amir Keyvan Salehi

Production Company: Virgule Film and Performing Arts Company

Executive Producer: Hadi Heydari

Screenwriter: Marene Van Holk, Arvand Dasht Aray, Ehsan Goodarzi,   Talaa Motazedi

Cinematographer: Peyman Shademanfar, Alireza Barazande

Editor: Sepideh Abdolvahab

Production Designer: Amirhosein Ghodsi, Arvand Dasht Aray, Amirhosein Davani

Original Music: Peter Soleymani Poor, Ankido Darash

Sound Designer: Erfan Yazdi

Sound Recordist: Daryoush Sadegh Poor, Amir Nobakht, Saeed Znand

Costume Designer: Negar Nemati, Arvand Dasht Aray, Shaylan Ashayeri

Make-Up Artist: Iman Omidvari, Laaya Kharaman, Mehrdad Mir Kiani

Photogarpher: Kiarash Mosayebi


Kazem Sayahi, Azadeh Samadi, Saeed Changizian, Marene van Holk, Neda Jebreili, Shiva Falahi, Farideh Saberi, Ashkan Jenabi, Nahid Moslemi 

IRAN|2015-2019-2023| 90 min



An episodic film that gives a unique insight into the daily drama’s of middle-class Tehran apartment complex Atisaz. Three interwoven stories follow a family awaiting the return of a long lost son, two foreign tourists trying to clean up the mess of enjoying Tehran’s night life and a lobby man whose life is changed after witnessing a suicide from the height of Atisaz’ towers. 


Having received the news of the impending return of Peyman, his mother and sisters and girlfriend, try to cover up how they’ve stood still for the five years that he was missing. While they clean and prepare his flat for his return, the five women struggle to face their own lives, trying their hardest to iron out or blame each other or Peyman to avoid responsibility for their own passivity. 

After a wild night in Tehran, Julie and Anna return to the scene of the crime: Atisaz. They go on a mission to try to salvage their romantic relationships back home when they discover a compromising picture has been published on social media. They’re journey offers an insight into the misunderstandings that occur between cultures. 

Mr Saberi’s identity is intertwined with Atisaz. He is part of the furniture and on close terms with all its inhabitants and workforce. He risks throwing this all away when the suicide of a tower inhabitant makes him depressed and reflective. He becomes reckless in his pursuit for who he really is.


Kazem Sayahi, Azadeh Samadi, Saeed Changizian, Amir Ahmad Qazvini, Arvand Dashtaray, Marene Van Holk, Faride Saberi, Neda Jebreeli, Shiva Falahi, Ashkan Jenabi, Elise Van Laar, Nahid Muslemi, Hossein Maleki, Ashkan Mehri, Burt Jan Korn, Meysam Mirzaei, Sanaz Bagheri, Morteza Khanjani, Morteza Alidadi, Erfan Daneshvar, Elahe Akhavan, Azam Badakhshan, Faraz Farzad, Ali Falah, RamzanAli Razaghi, Ghorban Mahdavi, Akbar Maleki, Panisa Sadat Mosad, Gandom Turabi, Adele Shaghaygh pour, Amir Seyyed, Mohammad Hosseini, Azadeh Mirzaei, Negin SadrAzami, Ali Aghaei, Alireza Farzanian, Poune Parsaee, Pouya Zand, Arvin Mohtashami, Asal Kalhor, Servin Moradi, Bijan Yegane, Saman Delshad, E00Atin Dashtaray



Film Title: ATISAZ

Original Film Title: ATISAZ

Language:  Farsi, English 

Subtitles: Farsi, English 

Category: Feature (3 Episodes)

Genre: Drama, Experimental 

Country of Production: Iran

Year of Production: 2015, 2019, 2023

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