Description: This project is based on the concept of theatrical interactivity. It’s a combination of elements from different fields, such as theater, video games and literature, creating a unique experience for our audience by blending these genres together. “Find the way” is one of our early interactive shows that sadly we never could have the permission to perform in Iran. The show revolves around a simple story: an ordinary day of an Iranian young girl. On this one day, she encounters many obstacles and events through a specific procedure. Structures of video games are combined with theater. The audience is actively involved in the various stages of the performance. We have a hero that we can set in motion on the stage. The audience can play and guide the actress by using seven key words while going through levels similar to computer games.  Each character represents a part of the hero’s identity on this adventure. The story is a coming of age story based on an Iranian young girl living in her father’s house. Her journey shows how she grows up to be a strong independent woman by facing different obstacles through the course of the game. At each level, our heroine interacts with different characters and environments, learning from each one of them and gaining more confidence to keep going on her journey. The show also features a DJ that plays live in response to any movement she makes.

Designer and director: Arvand Dashtaray

Movement designer: Sara Reyhani

Dramaturg: Tala Motazedi

Performers: Sara Reyhani, Attila Pessiani

Mentor (guide): Jerome Bell (France)

Animation designer and technical staff: the Royal Stratford Theater in East London

Composer and effect designer: Ramin Behna

Royal Stratford Theater in East London

Production @VirguleFPAC+ Coproduced @Royal Stratfor East Theater |London|Royal Stratfo

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