Description: “London, Rome, Tehran, Amsterdam” is the first show of the research project “Reconsider Your Image of Me” with performers from four nationalities, Iranian, British, Italian and Dutch, in line with cultural studies and intercultural misunderstandings. The design is designed with the aim of showing a better image of Iran, which has a documentary structure. This show is about the daily life of people in different countries, and during it the director shows that the mental images of each of us about the people of other societies are greatly influenced by the media and the Internet. This show is a study project for which the director has made several trips. In this performance, Arvand Dasht Arai decides to share his impressions and results of his studies with the audience to show that theater can be a bridge to bring people closer together.

Playwright, Designer and Director: Arvand Dashtaray

Performers: Ideh Aboutalebi(Tehran), Melody Aramnia(Tehran), Amy Strange (London), Marta Paganeli (Rome), Neda Gabriel(Tehran), Meysam Mirzaei(Tehran), Marene Van Holk(Amsterdam)

Producer: Arvand Dashtaray, Farshid Rezajooi

Co Produceder: STET The English Theatre: Elske van Holk

Lighting designer: Vasilis Apostolatos Greece

Project Manager: Saeede Amirsaei

First assistant director: Amin Yazdani Nejad

Second assistant director: Ali Khalatbari


Production @VirguleFPAC|Teheran|Hafez Hall|Rodaki Complex|2015

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