Description:The re-reading of Christopher Columbus’ daily notes led to the show “A dream attached to a horse which doesn’t collapse”, in which Virgule sought to gain exclusive insight into the performer’s presence on stage. Over the course of two years, we carefully narrowed our focus and developed an expert understanding of energy transfer, intent on arriving at an one-of-a-kind presence for our performers. We gave great care to combining text, bodies and space in order to hone a unique poetic experience of space. To add another layer to this innovative work, we delved into the avant-garde play of Charmshir with its distinct structuralism, posing a pertinent question: how can we legitimize tyranny in God’s name? This project has been an incredibly rewarding challenge and yielded remarkable results.

Playwright: Mohammad Charmshir

Designer and director: Arvand Dashtaray

Actors: Hadi Kamali Moghadam, Heda Naseh, Ashkan Sadeghi, Neda Maqsoodi

Music: Ankidu Darash

Cast: Hadi Kamali Moghadam, Negar Abedi, Ashkan Sadeghi, Neda Maqsoodi, Behnam Takhar


Production @VirguleFPAC|Teheran|23th Fajr International Theater Festival|2003|Kargahe Namayesh Theater|City Theater Complex|2004|

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